Weekends for Kids – Let’s Show the Doctor Your Bumps

Playing in the woods surrounding our neighborhood this mild winter, one of our boys contracted poison ivy, spreading red, itchy bumps all over his body.

Corresponding with this phenomenon, my boys have occasionally exercised with me in the mornings (yes, P90x), especially enjoying the opportunity to pull on resistance bands and watch their biceps work. ¬†Hardly a day goes by without one of the boys pulling up their shirt sleeves to show me their ever-burgeoning “bumps.”

Therefore, when we let our son know that he would be going to his pediatrician so that the doctor could “look at his bumps,” it was all we could do to not explode with laughter as our son pulled up his shirt sleeves, flexed his arms, looked at his bicep “bumps,” and said, “Really? ¬†OK!”


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