Ten Questions to Ask Before You Watch or Skip Noah

Here are ten questions I’m asking myself before I decide whether or not to see “Noah.”

  1. What movies have I seen that truly portrayed the Bible or the gospel accurately? Is that even possible? Would it make it a good movie?
  2. Is an intentionally inaccurate portrayal of a Bible story cause for not seeing a movie? Why or why not? Is it cause for encouraging others one way or the other? Why or why not?
  3. Do I allow my children to watch videos that obscure either the plot and/or meaning of any part of the Bible?
  4. Compare and contrast the quality, substance, coherence, meaning, and theological accuracy of different religious movies (i.e., the Narnia films or “Facing the Giants,” etc.). Based solely on those criteria, which would I choose to see?
  5. Is it possible that this director’s hermeneutic is more like my hermeneutic than I know? If I’m teaching children to “be like Noah” instead of telling them that they are all those dead, drowning, murderous thieves left behind, then maybe I and Darren Aronofsky are more alike than I care to acknowledge.
  6. Do I avoid every artist (author, painter, musician, etc.) that I don’t agree with theologically? Why or why not?
  7. Which will help me build a bridge with a lost friend: seeing it, or not seeing it?
  8. Which will help me grow in my awareness of the depth of my sin and the greatness of God’s holiness: seeing it, or not seeing it?
  9. What do trusted Bible scholars, expositors and theologians say?
  10. Is it showing between 4 and 5:30 PM at the Carmike Thoroughbred in Cool Springs so that I can only pay $5.75 for the ticket? ;-)

What questions are you asking yourself before you decide whether or not to see “Noah?”

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One response to “Ten Questions to Ask Before You Watch or Skip Noah

  1. David

    I saw noah and have not recovered from shock. The events are nothing like what is in my Bible. I think they forgot that God was in the story and replaced Him with events that never happened. The rock monsters looked like something from a sci fi or monster movie. Who is Noah? I don’t know him anymore.