What Driving in the Rain Revealed in my Heart

I’m from Florida. One of Floridians’ many hidden talents is the ability to drive through the rain. I can tell you the dangers of driving too slow in the rain, as well as driving too fast. I can tell you what to do when you hydroplane. Floridians are familiar with tropical weather impeding their plans; we’ve got names for our hurricanes, for Pete’s sake.

I have found that Nashville drivers, on the other hand, do not know how to drive in the rain. I experienced Nashvillian fright on the rainy roads one week while on my way to work. The driver in front of me was going 15 mph in a 30. It was only a 15-mile difference, but I wanted to pick up coffee along my route, I was already late (of course), and this driver was impeding my expedition. In fact, it is actually just as dangerous to drive too slow on wet roads than it is to go too fast. My logic went something like this,

I know how to drive. Why is he/she going so slow? He/she must be ignorant. Why is this driver so scared? If only I was ahead, I’d be able to lead this driver through the rain.

Rolling my eyes and puffing my breath, the Holy Spirit began to draw the comparison between my annoyance with the Toyota in front of me and my irritation with the Lord of my life.

My unkind thoughts about the other driver mirrored my unkind thoughts toward Father God:

I have plans, and God’s not yet made them happen. I’m on a timetable, why has my order of secession disrupted? Is He ignorant of my desires? How dare He wait? Doesn’t He know it’s about time that…? And then my worst fear: Maybe He’s not good.

The Lord immediately reproofed me for my arrogance. My heart was churning. It was as if He asked me, What do you know about time?

How dare I cast aside the idea of the goodness of God because He hasn’t yet fulfilled the promise of Psalm 37:4, “Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart”?

How dare I think that my timetable is the chronology of the universe! Why should the universe be in sync with my personal universe? Why do we place ourselves in a position of authority when we’re not in control? Where do we get the idea that we know what’s best? Where do we get the idea that the speed limit is what we set it to be?

For all I know, that driver could’ve been handicapped. That driver could’ve lost a loved one through a vehicle crash. Maybe there was an animal in front of their car they couldn’t hit. Maybe a wedding cake was in their front seat and they couldn’t slam the brakes. Who am I to say that they had no legitimate reason for going slow?

His timing is not my timing. The song of my heart—the one the Lord has to constantly sing back to me—is Isaiah 55:8-9:

For my thoughts are not your thoughts,
    neither are your ways my ways, declares the Lord.
For as the heavens are higher than the earth,
    so are my ways higher than your ways
    and my thoughts than your thoughts.

I laughed amidst my huffs because the Lord gently reproved me of my schedules, my time clocks, my arrogance, my knowledge, and my expectations. He told me to relax.

And a fun fact? One of my biggest fears is hydroplaning on the interstate. It’s happened before, and I’m deathly frightened of it.

I’m not as strong as I pretend to be.

Today’s guest post is by Caroline Case, a production editor for the custom content team at LifeWay Christian Resources.