Gospel-Centered Teaching by Trevin Wax

While a student pastor and doctoral studies student, I once gave all of my Sunday school teachers a copy of Wayne Grudem's "Bible Doctrine," sort of the condensed version of his systematic theology. I suppose I did something right in not giving them the whole mother load, but was it fair to expect them to actually read anything by Grudem as student group leaders? And even if it was fair, was it realistic?

Experiences like that have led me to question why any pastor would give any volunteer any resource to read. YES, pastors are called to equip the saints to do the work of the ministry, but the saints aren't reading college textbooks these days, are they? That's one of the reasons I love tools like Ministry Grid. Yet the book will never die, but many are recognizing that things must be reduced to their essentials if they are to find their way into the hands, hearts and minds of the saints doing ministry in our churches.

It's for this reason among many other that I recommend to you Trevin Wax's "Gospel-Centered Teaching." In about 100 small but power-packed pages, Trevin equips all small group leaders with easily-accessible, theologically-driven, gospel-loving help to make their studies and Bible discussions always about Jesus. He particularly connects well with his readers in chapter one as he establishes the many problems group leaders face. In the following chapters, rather than do something shallow (like offer a new technique, formula, or gimmick for success in small groups), Trevin calls us back to what matters most: the fact that Jesus is the one who changes lives, and that the goal of our studies must be just that and always that. All of the other problems we face find their root there.

I cannot conceive of a better tool for those who teach the Bible for any age at any level than Trevin's book. It's the best $12 investment you can make in your quest to equip the saints for the work of disciple-making.